We sell our sourdough, we make great sandwiches with our sourdough.  We make delicious fermented pastry in all kinds of different styles and try to come up with yummy seasonal pastries using locally grown ingredients. We are constantly learning about our craft and doing our best to make the finest products that we can. We are interested in good health and do our best to keep our family and new friends in mind when thinking about what to try next. We will never stop learning.



Our Bakery

How did we get started?  After spending 12 years as Vancouver's premiere Wedding Cake Designer, Meg, along with Donna,  decided it was time to add a third party to the business.  Mike came with lots of enthusiasm and good humour but no baking experience. As a family,  we bought a cute little bakery in the Arbutus Ridge neighborhood where you can still find us and promptly put Mike in charge of bread.  No small task as we came to find out.  However this young man met the challenge with a force to be reckoned with.  He was not going to be happy until he produced a bread that most people could eat and all people would enjoy.  We are proud to now call this bread "Mikes Bread" because his tenacity and great taste has made this bread what it has become.  YOU GOTTA TRY IT.


April 6    Riley Park

April 7    Hastings Park

April 20  Riley Park

April 27  Riley Park

April 28  Hastings Park

May 11  Riley Park

May 12  Kitsilano

May 25  Riley Park

June 1   Westend Farmer's Market

June 8   Riley Park

June 9   Kitsilano

June 22  Riley Park

June 23  Kitsilano

June 27   Downtown

July 6      Riley Park

July 11    Downtown

July 13    Westend Farmers Market

July 14    Kitsilano

July 20   Riley Park

July 27   Westend

August 3  Riley Park

August 8  Downtown

August 10 Westend

August 11 Kitsilano

August 17 Riley Park

August 22 Downtown

August 24 Westend

August 31 Riley Park

September 5 Downtown

September 7 Westend

September 14 Riley Park

September 19 Downtown

September 21  Westend

September 22  Kitsilano

September 28 Riley Park

October 3   Downtown Q E Plaza

October 5  Westend

October 12 Riley Park

October 19  Westend

October 26 Riley Park